Submit your nominations for the Lexpert Zenith Awards: Celebrating Today’s Leaders in Practice Excellence


This year’s Lexpert Zenith Awards celebrate Today’s Leaders in Practice Excellence and will recognize mid-career accomplishments during 2013-2014.  Lexpert defines mid-career to include lawyers (or judges) having their first Call to the Bar in any Canadian jurisdiction between 1986 and 2000 inclusive.  Winners may be drawn from law firms, corporate legal and government departments, academia, the judiciary and alternative legal careers relating to the areas of practice noted below.

The Selection Process comprises the following:

  1. Nominations will be invited and accepted from the Canadian legal community.
  2. Lexpert reserves the right to propose nominations.
  3. Emphasis will be placed on the nominees’ accomplishments during 2013-2014.
  4. Nominees may be nominated in two (2) different areas of practice, but are entitled to win in only one (1).
  5. There may not be a Winner selected in every Practice Area.
  6. Separate nomination forms are required for each nomination (if nominating a lawyer for two Areas, two nomination forms are required).
  7. Regional diversity will be a criterion in Winner selection.
  8. Any information provided below may be used in Lexpert publications in the event the nominee wins.
  9. Nominations are to be sent electronically via this website and must reach Lexpert® by June 16, 2014.

If you have questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Jean Cumming at

Click here for the nomination form.

Your involvement in this nomination process is appreciated.

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