2013 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory now online

2013 DirectoryThe 2013 annual Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory is now online. Check out which lawyers across Canada have been identified as leading in their areas of practice.

First published in February of 1997, this seventeenth annual edition of The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory has expanded its coverage to the identification of leading law firms and practitioners across 63 separate Canadian practice areas.

The identification of leading firms and practitioners is based upon comprehensive survey work which has taken place across Canada starting in 1994. The research work is continuous in all practice areas and updated versions are published on an annual basis. Our research team contacts and surveys leading practitioners in all practice areas. Leading practitioners are asked whom they regard as the leading practitioners in their practice area in their city and province and then, to the extent they are able, who they regard as other leading practitioners in the field across Canada.

We have enjoyed an unusually high response rate in the survey work with returns generally ranging between 50 and 80 per cent from the targeted population, i.e., leading practitioners. We attribute this success to one principal factor: The survey work does not proceed by way of a random, unsolicited mail-out of questionnaires. Rather, in each case, a member of our research team contacts the practitioner, explains the survey process and secures his or her agreement to complete the questionnaire. A questionnaire is then sent and, if not returned within a set date, follow-up calls are made. Personal interviews with the more senior members of the profession are often conducted in lieu of a completed questionnaire. The approach we have pursued has required a very significant investment of time but has resulted in important contributions from most leading members of the profession and, we believe, provides a generally accurate outline of who are regarded as the foremost firms and practitioners.

During the course of 2012 our research team made 17,013 requests for completed questionnaires from lawyers, corporate counsel, and other professionals. It was not uncommon for a practitioner to be approached on two or more occasions with respect to related practice areas such as banking and insolvency, or asset securitization and corporate finance. As a result of the requests made, 8,105 completed questionnaires were received providing us an overall national response rate from law firm practitioners of 81.11 per cent.

We believe Lexpert‘s survey results are the most comprehensive information available respecting the provision of legal services in Canada. We hope our results are of assistance to lawyers, corporate counsel, and other professionals across Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. We, of course, welcome suggestions as to how our methodology may be improved and invite recommendations as to practitioners inadvertently omitted whose work merits their inclusion.

One comment on “2013 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory now online

  1. Hanson Duby
    July 4, 2013 at 2:22 am #

    It is great to know that someone is there to provide with a directory of law firms and lawyers in Canada. Even better is the fact that the Legal Canadian Directory is reviewed and updated every year. I guess this part shows the dedication of the database provider to offer up-to-date information to the needy. The organization seems to be working good many years now. Managing is database of law firms and lawyers from 64 practice areas makes it a useful guide to almost every Canadian citizen. I went through the directory page and was impressed to see the search box with options to choose the practice area and the name of the lawyer. Nonetheless, it has tabs to shift from lawyer search to law firm search. Good Work!!

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