George Takach: Preparing for Cyber Warfare

Great technology column this month by McCarthy Tetrault’s George Takach, who sheds light on the very real threat of cyber warfare in Canada, and offers a few of his own ideas about what Canada needs to be doing to beef up its security.

Cyber War

With the recent mysterious cyber attacks on South Korea, and an executive order in the U.S. that will bring about regulatory framework for cyber security, the media have been buzzing about this topic for months now.

For a real look behind the curtains, though, Takach’s column is a must-read. In it, he goes into detail about the various players within Canada’s cyber-security infrastructure: Public Safety Canada; the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC); the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS); the Department of National Defence Information Management Group; even the cryptological agency known as the Communications Security Establishment.

Particularly eye-opening is the fact that (as Canada’s Auditor General reported a few months ago) the CCIRC currently operates only on a Monday-to-Friday, nine-to-five schedule.

“This would be laughable,” writes Takach, “if it weren’t so dangerous. It’s as though the government is counting on our foreign adversaries, and cyber terrorists, to show us the courtesy of not attacking our computer systems in the evening or on weekends.”

Takach also explores the murky area around international cyber law:

“Is there a bright line, for international law purposes, between cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, cyber theft, cyber disruption, cyber infiltration?

Read George Takach’s enlightening column via Lexpert‘s digital edition right here.

David Dias

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