Lavery organizes Plan Nord tour

For three days this June, by invitation only, 45 executives will pay $3,500 and board a chartered flight from Montréal to Matagami for a guided tour of mining development facilities located in the Plan Nord region of Québec.

The South-North Economic Mission – jointly organized by Lavery, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Québec Manufacturers and Exporters, Investissement-Québec and AGC Communications – is aimed at suppliers of goods and services such as engineering firms, construction firms, and other professionals. Several companies and organizations have already confirmed their participation, according to a Lavery press release.

Participants will visit Xstrata’s Perseverance mining complex, the Cree community of Oujé-Bougoumou, Arcelor Mittal’s Mont-Wright mining complex and Rio Tinto Iron Ore Company of Canada facilities in Labrador City.

Recently, Lavery represented exploration company Geomega Resources Inc. in a $1.5 million bridge financing that closed on March 16. (Geomega will not be participating in the Plan Nord tour in June.)

The bridge financing was secured by receivables from Revenu Québec tax credits related to mineral exploration granted by SIDEX, Limited Partnership.

Geomega owns the Montviel Rare Earths/Niobium project, located approximately 45 km west of the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi and 100 km north of Lebel-sur-Quévillon in the southern territory covered by “Plan Nord.” The net proceeds from the financing will be used to fund the development of the Montviel property through the preliminary economic assessment and exploration of the corporation’s graphite properties, and for working capital purposes.

Partner Sébastien Vézina, who led the Lavery team, explains the Montviel project is unique because of its proximity to infrastructure and available labour. Aside from location, he says, the project has distinct similarities with the world’s largest rare earths resource in Bayan Obo (Inner Mongolia).

The Lavery team also included partner Benjamin Gross and associate Emilie Duguay.

SIDEX, Limited Partnership was represented by Patrick Boucher, David Létourneau and Fraser Bourne of McCarthy Tétrault.

Geomega also recently completed a brokered private placement deal for total gross proceeds of $3.5 milion.

One comment on “Lavery organizes Plan Nord tour

  1. Jim
    August 22, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Is it that hard to see that Plan Nord is just a rescore grab choked with propaganda put in place to turn our eyes away from huge environmental destruction towards the better sounding guise of “sustainable tourism”. I love how they use the words “major economic bodies” instead of what they really are – mining companies. Northern Quebec’s opportunity for sustainable tourism is larger without roads, mines and dams all over it.

    One of the things they don’t say in their propaganda is that under much of Northern Quebec lies highly expensive lithium which is set to boom with the introduction of more and more hybrid cars on the market but as environmental experts warn the harm created in extracting lithium will outweigh the effects of fewer emissions.

    I don’t see how Plan Nord will be a “win” or “sustainable” for the greatly depleted George River Caribou Heard. Northern Quebec is one of the World’s last true wilderness areas and it will be cherished on a global scale in the near future because of this. This plan does not look far enough into the future. What was the famed quote from a legendary Onondaga Chief? “Make every decision that we make relate to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation.” This is a far cry from that although the Quebec government would like to lead you to believe otherwise.

    I hear the government crying out that this will help the native communities, many which have poverty and substance abuse problems. I have traveled all over the North and have met many very dignified and outstanding native people in several very remote communities, people I am happy to call my friends. I live in the big city where there is more infrastructure, social programs, and job opportunities than anywhere else in the country and the native people here aren’t doing any better than the ones in the communities. In fact I know many more upstanding native people in small communities than I do in the big city. The issues facing them are deeper than what can be fixed by a road and a job at a mine. To be honest I find it ignorant and disgusting that the Quebec government sees (or pretends to see it) as black and white as this when they speak about the benefits of Plan Nord.

    The propaganda Charest and the Quebec government is using to go forward with Plan Nord is disgusting and should be illegal. The truth should be told to us in a “straight-up” fashion, no pulling the wool over our eyes, no propaganda. After all the misleading statements and literature have been de coded and the real facts are on the table let the citizens of Quebec vote on Plan Nord.

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