Lexpert Zenith Awards: Celebrating Leadership Through Change

This year’s Lexpert Zenith Awards celebrate “Leadership through Change”. In rapidly evolving times, many in the legal business community turn to these leaders for guidance. For forty or more years, these lawyers have been change-agents for their clients, firms, companies, departments, faculties, profession, colleagues and/or communities.

What does it take to Lead? Paradoxically, we will see from the careers of our Zenith Winners, it requires both change and adaptation. In some cases, it takes acting to preserve values and professionalism, in others cases, it takes iconoclasm.

The Selection Process has been designed to select the best qualified Winners, contribute to thought leadership, and be responsive to both the legal community’s and the Advisory Board’s feedback on past years’ Zenith Awards.

The Selection Process comprises the following:

  1. Nominations will be invited and accepted from the Canadian legal community (“Community nominations”).
  2. Lexpert will also generate nominations (“Lexpert nominations”).
  3. All accepted nominees will at some point in their career have been noted or listed in Lexpert rankings, directories, publications or commendations. (This includes the CCCA Corporate Counsel Directory and Lexpert Magazine).
  4. Both Community and Lexpert nominations will use the same form and criteria.
  5. Lexpert nominations will be drawn from law society rolls cross-referenced with Lexpert rankings.
  6. Lexpert will select approximately 100 Finalists from the combined nominations.
  7. The Advisory Board will select approximately 50 Winners from the Finalists.
  8. The criteria, as set out on the Nomination Form, are :
    • Evidenced Leadership through change (describe the leadership and the effect)
    • Competitive excellence and contribution in practice or other legal professionalism (could be in-house, government, business, academia, Bench)
    • Contribution to “clients” (or citizens, students, other)
    • Mentorship Contribution
    • Contribution to Pro Bono, CSR, Diversity, Access to Justice
    • Recognition and Awards
    • Recognition for 50+ years

To access the nomination form: http://www.lexpert.ca/zenith/nomination.aspx?l=1

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