A Changing of the Alberta Corporate Guard

Two very significant retirements mark Annual General Meetings (AGM) of Calgary companies today … and one of those AGM’s is in Toronto.

Pat Daniel’s last AGM as Enbridge CEO was faced, in Toronto, with “No Gateway” protestors, many of whom had travelled there on a so-called “Freedom Train” from Western Canada, across the Prairies on a whistle-stop tour to raise opposition to the company’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

Why was that AGM even in Toronto and not Calgary? Stephen Ewart reported in the Calgary Herald that “the oldest part of the company, now called EnbridgeGas, has roots in the city dating to the 1840’s and the Calgary-based company has often held its AGM there.”

It is safe to say that retiring ATCO Ltd. chairman Ron Southern faced a more peaceful AGM than Daniel. Turning 82 in July, the fact that Southern hosted his last AGM today, is all part of his pre-announced retirement and the transition of ATCO Ltd.’s leadership to his daughter, Nancy, president, CEO and deputy chair of the board.

Southern drew in praise from far and wide today — including for his creation of the world-famous equestrian centre, Spruce Meadows. Leadership of it is being transitioned to his daughter Linda Southern Heathcott, president of that family-owned operation.

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