Competition Bureau in the news again

The Competition Bureau is back in the news again – at least in the legal news – with some changes to their process:

And any mention of the Bureau often includes the name of its public face – Commissioner Melanie Aitken. Aitken is widely seen as more activist (and controversial) than some of her predecessors.

And whether you agree with her approach or not, what she says is of interest to many in the legal and business community. So Lexpert is excited to have Ms. Aitken as the keynote speaker at the Dealmakers event at the end of this month. Lexpert is one of the founding partners of the event, along with Deloitte, The Globe and Mail and Thomson Reuters.

Recognizing excellence in Canadian deal-making, this year’s event, with CBC News Senior Business Correspondent Amanda Lang as emcee, will no doubt draw an elite crowd that will be very interested to hear what Ms. Aitken has to say about competition law and her agency’s administration and enforcement of the Competition Act.

Tim Wilbur


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