Technology law: hot issues

While speaking at McCarthy Tétrault’s Technology Law Summit today, tech lawyer (and Lexpert columnist) George Takach gave the audience a list of three hot issues in technology law at the moment. All three hold cautionary tales for lawyers working for or advising companies that use technology as a substantial part of their business (i.e. pretty much all companies these days).

  1. Security issues: Takach says his firm would get questions from clients about online security infrequently but they are now getting many 2-3 calls a week from companies that are having to deal with IT security issues, whether it be phishing scams or other online threats. And often at large companies, the bricks and mortar corporate security department will be operating completely separately from the IT department that is monitoring online threats. Proper coordination of all security personnel at a company can often prevent problems.
  2. Personnel Continuity: when things go wrong with IT contracts, often the people who deal with fallout are different than the people who negotiated the original contract. If a company creates incentives, such as bonuses, to retain key players involved in negotiating IT contacts, this can help prevent miscommunication or other problems down the line.
  3. Multi-Vendor Environments: the days of having one IT vendor for a company are almost universally gone. Having multiple IT vendors means companies have to multitask various bid selections for IT contracts, ensure there is a contractual commitment to collaboration amongst the various vendors, and have internal alignment for the governance of the various IT tasks within the company.

Takach was just one of a number of speakers at the Technology summit today – search #tls12 on Twitter to follow the discussions about what is hot in tech law.

Tim Wilbur

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