Northern Gateway Review Panel

Photo (l to r): Panelist Kenneth Bateman, Chairperson Sheila Leggett, Panelist Hans Matthews

As the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel kicks off in Kitimat today, here’s an introduction to the three Panelists. The panel is chaired by an environmental regulator, and the other panelists are a lawyer and a geologist. Of these three, the first two name Calgary as home base while the third, a member of the Wahnapitae First Nation, lives there (Greater Sudbury area).

The following descriptions are taken from the government site, with input from a few other sites as well.

Chairperson Sheila Leggett “has extensive regulatory experience, as well as a background in environmental issues and research. She has been a member of the National Energy Board since 2006 and is currently the vice-chair of the National Energy Board.

Before joining the National Energy Board, Ms. Leggett was a board member with the Natural Resources Conservation Board, which conducts hearings into natural resource development projects in Alberta. Prior to this, Ms. Leggett was a vice-president and senior consultant with an environmental consulting firm and a founding board member for Alberta Ecotrust.”

Panelist Kenneth Bateman “is a Canadian energy lawyer and former senior executive in the Canadian energy sector. He has been a member of the National Energy Board since 2006. In addition to expertise in the energy sector, Mr. Bateman has extensive experience with major sustainable energy projects including wind farms and biowaste facilities.”

According to his LinkedIn entry: “Prior to the National Energy Board Kenneth was Vice-President Legal at ENMAX, a large Canadian utility that developed one of Canada’s largest wind energy farms. He has also been involved in other greenfield projects including biowaste remediation facilities. Kenneth has a law degree (1985) in corporate business and a master’s degree in international business management (1995). He is a nationally qualified arbitrator and trained mediator using the Harvard University interest based dispute resolution model. He has overseen numerous multiparty disputes involving national and multinational companies, environmental groups, Aboriginal groups and landowners.”

Panelist Hans Matthews “is a professional geologist with more than 25 years experience in the mining, minerals and resource management industries. He has a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Brock University and has completed course work towards a Masters of Science at the University of Western Ontario. Mr. Matthews has held executive positions focused on natural resource and environmental management, economic development and strategic policy and planning.

As a professional geologist, Mr. Matthews has extensive knowledge of the Canadian natural resources industry. Since 2007, he has been the manager of mineral exploration with Mohawk Garnet Inc., was a mine/project geologist for the Xstrata Nickel Mine in Falconbridge, Ontario, and was the vice-president of Exploration with Arizona Explorations.”

According to the Greater Sudbury website, “Wahnapitae First Nation, which is a signatory to the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850, is an Ojibway Band of the Anishinabek Nation. The Wahnapitae First Nation Indian Reserve and community is located some 50 km north of Sudbury, Ontario, and is accessible by all season roads from the town of Capreol. The Wahnapitae First Nation works with local mining companies to monitor water quality in the Lake Wahnapitae watershed.”

See the Government of Saskatchewan press release here

Jean Cumming

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