Lexpert’s Top Ten Deals of 2011

Lexpert’s Top Ten Deals of 2011 feature is out – and 2011 was all about resources. The top deal – Barrick takes Equinox – was a mining deal (gold meets copper) but 5 of the other deals were resource based deals as well.

The writer of our Top Deal feature – Marzena Czarnecka – does an extensive survey of Canadian M&A, securities and corporate finance lawyers, in October and November 2011, to compile the list. Because it is compiled based on input from lawyers, the dollar value of the deal is not the only basis for getting on the list. Our criteria includes:

  • The deal must be announced between Nov. 1, 2010, and Nov. 1, 2011, and closed or expected to close early in 2012.
  • Canadian legal content of the deal must be significant.
  • There is no minimum size or preferred structure — this list’s definition of “deal” is anything Canadian lawyers worked on that they considered to be significant.
  • Most importantly, the deal must stand for more than itself: represent a trend, illustrate some aspect of the year’s economic climate, or be a portent of things to come.

Despite our rigorous selection process, the selection of winners is not without controversy. This year, there were many lawyers that insisted that the battle for TMX be the top deal. But, as we point out in our magazine, the deal with the Maple consortium hasn’t closed, and likely won’t in early 2012.

Our Top Ten Deals gets a lot of interest from the legal community – so we are excited to present this year’s list. Enjoy!

Tim Wilbur

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