Canadian Law Blog Awards

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the “CLawBies”, the Canadian Law Blog Awards that recognize excellence in legal blogging in Canada.

Legal blogging in Canada has come a long way in the last few years, and the caliber of this year’s winners is a testament to that.

While there are a number of great blogs with very different perspectives, Lexpert would like to particularly congratulate the blogs that we read a lot of – those bloggers who write about the same kinds of issues that we do, namely business law.

James Gannon’s IP Blog: this is a blog by a young lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault. He started his blog a few years ago as a junior associate at McCarthys, when blogging wasn’t quite as accepted as a legitimate activity for lawyers. But he stuck to it and has garnered a pretty impressive accolade for a lawyer at such an early stage in his career. Watch the pages of Lexpert’s February issue as well – you may see James’ name again.

Canadian Securities Law:  Stikeman Elliott is a powerhouse in the large firm blogging front in Canada (check out how many of their blogs are on our “blogroll” to the right). The firm has blogs on not just securities, but on energy law, competition and technology as well.

We at Lexpert have just started blogging, but we have been reading blogs for a long time before that, so take note lawyer bloggers: your online activities get noticed by journalists, along with your peers, clients, and potential clients.

The explosion of legal blogs is a welcome sign – no doubt there are many more potential bloggers out there who can add richness to the legal discussions taking place online. There are still some in the legal community who may think blogging is not for the serious – but their numbers are dwindling. In other ‘serious’ pursuits – like economics for example – there is widespread acceptance that blogging has helped improve the quality of debates and helped bloggers get noticed.

So for those lawyers, or others in the legal community, who are still on the fence about starting a blog, this year’s crop of winners of the Clawbies has given you another reason to dive in and start blogging.

See you in cyberspace.

Tim Wilbur

One comment on “Canadian Law Blog Awards

  1. Greg
    January 10, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    The only problem with your comment about Stikeman’s “blogs” is that they are not blogs but online newsletters/articles. Blogs infer that there is discussion/debate, and their vehicles do not provide that.

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