Proof that Lawyers Can’t Sit Still

We all know that trial lawyers, at least good ones, tend to be hard-driving Type A personalities — the kind of tireless workaholics who couldn’t sit still if you paid them to. That stereotype pales in comparison to what San Antonio litigator Larry Macon has achieved.

Check this out. Reuters is reporting that the 67-year-old partner at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld is entering the Guinness Book of World Records for having completed the most marathons in any given year.

Macon, who has won hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for his clients, ran 113 marathons last year, beating his own previously held record of 110 marathons.

He’s not fast — in fact, he’s quite slow —  but the man has even done business while running a marathon. Once, while running the famed Boston Marathon, Macon conducted a conference call on a multimillion-dollar civil case. “The opposing counsel doesn’t seem to be bothered by my heavy breathing,” he told Reuters.

Talk about a bloody-minded determination to win at all costs. The senior citizen gives a new meaning to the expression “dying in the saddle.”

“I have left specific instructions that if I die on the course, my friends are supposed to drag my body down the rest of the course and across the finish line,” he said. “And then lie about the results.”

David Dias

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