Nicholl Paskell-Mede LLP merger with Clyde & Co.

Michael Payton was in Toronto yesterday, to celebrate the launch of Clyde & Co Canada LLP, a merger of Canadian insurance firm Nicholl Paskell-Mede LLP with global Clyde & Co.

Payton, a Clyde & Co senior partner, and architect of its several high-profile mergers (including with Barlow Lyde & Gilbert) was recently picked as Legal Week “Managing/Senior Partner of The Year”. He was joined in Toronto by another UK-based partner, James Burns, member of the firm’s Global,US and Canadian Management Boards. They lunched, met media, and cocktail-party mingled with clients, Clyde & Co Canadian lawyers, and assorted other local, notable lawyers.

Payton and his co-leaders have driven expansion in the insurance law business around the world, confident that they have a best-practices understanding of the industry. Watching the global economy intensify over the last twenty years meant they foresaw a rise in insurance needs, especially in aviation and technology.

Payton was clear that insurance companies are looking for accountability from their lawyers – no matter how large the law firm becomes. In a practice area that is all about risk, clients want their lawyers to share some.

Will we see more of these practice area or industry-specific mergers? They seem to make some business sense given the dictates of economies of scale and multi-national client purchasing. It is those merger talks between firms with myriad practice areas that sound, well, riskier.

For more on Payton see this article.

Jean Cumming

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