On a flight early this morning from Montreal to Halifax, after two days of meetings with Montreal law firms, the plane got close to Halifax, circled in the stormy sky above it for as long as jet fuel permitted and then had to fly back and land in Montreal. This provided a further opportunity to consider if not exactly see, the Montreal skyline. Anyone who’s ever read architecture critic Paul Goldberger on the affection people feel toward their skyline will thereafter continually consider skylines for aesthetic reasons as well as for their economic indications.

And so as lawyers in Montreal bank towers pointed out, there are cranes out there, including on two large hospital projects. One, the Montreal Super Hospital, is called the largest construction project in Canadian history. With a total estimated budget cost of $3.6 Billion (CAD) the project will encompass a 3 million square-foot facility including a research institute, cancer centre, and “Centre for Innovative Medicine” (see “Montreal Super Hospital Begins Construction“).

Crane-related projects have been good for leading Montreal law firms. Especially, in a year like this one where there has been a virtual shut-out of classic IPOs in Quebec.

Meanwhile, I heard from a Calgarian last week that during that nasty wind storm there were cranes blowing all over the place.

Jean Cumming

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